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1000 Fabulous Things We Love

“1000 Fabulous Things We Love” is a lighthearted count of our favorite inspiration, ideas, and products that remind us just how we can make our lives a little bit more fabulous, day by day. Please leave your comments! We welcome your contributions and suggestions!

#30 Lashing Out. Lashes.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We love getting all done up to go out-hair, nails, make-up, outfit choices…all fabulous! Those false eyelashes though, they can really amp up your look instantly!  Lashes add a little bit of drama and really open up the eyes.  Applying them though, can be a whole other story. The glue, the placement, the drying; it can be a little daunting to those of us who haven’t attempted it before.  Here is a great video demonstration from Pixiwoo that can help!

#24 Fabulous Things We Love: The Word "Fierce"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christian Siriano may have coined the word on Project Runway and Big Rich Texas' Bonnie Blossman who has a Ph.D completely embodies the term, however, Beyonce essentially reinvented the word when she came out with her alter ego “Sasha Fierce.” With that came a whole new idea of how we as women should be, FIERCE.   Fierce has a variety of meanings ranging from “violently aggressive” to “furiously active”; however, the most appropriate may be how the ever so popular Urban Dictionary defines the word: Exceptional Quality.  We love the idea that we as women should be FIERCE and be of exceptional quality.  We are strong, powerful, smart, beautiful and now fierce.  We didn’t necessarily need Beyonce to tell us that but you know what, preach it sister!

#23 Fabulous Things We Love: Matching Bra & Underwear

Monday, February 18, 2013
As women we are designed to want to feel beautiful and even a little sexy!  Behold! The hidden “sexy” power of hidden matching bra and underwear.  There is something to be said about the pampering feeling we get when wearing a matching lingerie set and being the only one let in on the secret.  So bring it on matching lace, leopard, polka dot, sating and bright neon's!  We like that we can control our destiny from the moment we get up.  Forget wearing this for a hot date, we’re wearing this for ourselves!


#9 Fabulous Things We Love: The Smell of Leather on a Brand New Bag

Thursday, September 08, 2011

You buy a new designer purse.  You begin to question the amount you just spent for it.  You get home, open the canvas protector bag and out emerges absolute beauty and the aroma of brand new decadently soft leather.  A smile appears on your face as you caress your new love.

So what makes the smell of fresh leather on a brand new purse so intoxicating?  Does Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Gucci or Coach infuse their creations with an invisible addicting that make you want to buy one, hold one and own one?  What is this soothing, therapeutic aroma that brings feelings of joy, excitement, accomplishment and pride?

Thank the Limbic System of your brain.  This is the system that deals with both emotions and the processing of olfactory messages.  The natural smell and oils found in leather, especially well treated leathers like those in expensive designer purses, evoke and arouse a neurological response linking scent to pleasure.  

So, the next time you fall in love with the smooth rich tan of a Chloé tote, know that it’s not your lack of restraint forcing you to purchase it, blame the genetic programming of your brain which is sending messages of pleasure directly to your credit card!


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#8 Fabulous Things We Love: Champagne While Shopping

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Everything is better with a little glass of bubbly in your hand, including shopping.  Did you know that champagne contains a high amount of antioxidants that can help prevent the deterioration of brain cells due to oxidative stress (or so studies say)?  It also includes trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and lithium (a natural mood regulator).  So while you’re drinking your champagne you’re becoming happier!

This is why I believe Nordstrom is a smart retailer.  During the holiday season they have their annual “after-hours” shopping event with champagne and hors d'oeuvres.  What a better way to shop for shoes than to drink a little Veuve Clicquot while doing so (just don’t indulge too much or you might be surprised to see a $1,000 credit card bill when you get home).


Image from: here

#4 Fabulous Things We Love: A Great Pair of Jeans

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Awww…that feeling of a great pair of jeans. The kind that fits just right in all the right spots.  The kind that you don’t have to do the frog dance to get into or suck in all day when you’re wearing them.  It’s the pair that makes your butt look good, your legs look long and feel like you’re wearing sweat pants (we wish).  It’s those jeans you found randomly when you weren’t looking that caught you by surprise and made you take a second glance in the mirror. Maybe you even started dancing when you tried them on (winner).  

A great pair of jeans can change your mood; change your strut even! I have a favorite pair of jeans that I won’t ever let go of. Of course they are discontinued and I can’t find them anywhere and the knee is missing and I’ve had to get them repaired a couple times, but I don’t care. I love those jeans. I need those jeans.  When I wear those jeans I feel like Jennifer Aniston in any given movie and how she always looks like the most beautiful all American girl next door-that effortless classic beauty.  Finding a great pair of jeans is like winning the lottery.  And when you find them, buy them in every wash and then one more just in case!

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