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1000 Fabulous Things We Love

“1000 Fabulous Things We Love” is a lighthearted count of our favorite inspiration, ideas, and products that remind us just how we can make our lives a little bit more fabulous, day by day. Please leave your comments! We welcome your contributions and suggestions!

#27 Picking Up Where You Left Off With An Old Friend

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do you have those friends you only see or talk to every couple months but when you pick up it feels like no time has passed at all?  They are the best!  Life gets busy and more hectic as we get older and catching up with good friends can become difficult to do.  But when it happens, boy oh boy, it is just refreshing!  Chats about  guys, crying kids, career choices and not enough time to just breathe are so much more comforting when we realize we are not alone.  It is amazing that we can feel so connected to people even if we don’t see or talk to them every day.  Pamper Me Fabulous is always a great way to just chat and relax with your best girls! Just knowing you have a friend you can catch up with anytime is one of the greatest feelings a girl can have!

Guests at Pamper Me Fabulous take a Best Friend Picture!

#23 Fabulous Things We Love: Matching Bra & Underwear

Monday, February 18, 2013
As women we are designed to want to feel beautiful and even a little sexy!  Behold! The hidden “sexy” power of hidden matching bra and underwear.  There is something to be said about the pampering feeling we get when wearing a matching lingerie set and being the only one let in on the secret.  So bring it on matching lace, leopard, polka dot, sating and bright neon's!  We like that we can control our destiny from the moment we get up.  Forget wearing this for a hot date, we’re wearing this for ourselves!


#6 Fabulous Things We Love: "Boo" the Dog

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pomeranians or “pom poms” have been around for centuries.  Queen Victoria had one in 1888.  Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Hillary Duff are also proud owners of these adorable, sweet, intelligent, affectionate and friendly small (less than 8lb) dogs.  So what makes a Pomeranian one of the top 15 most popular dog breeds in the United States?

Meet Boo!  Boo, the little Pomeranian that has topped the social media charts with possibly the most number of friends of any dog on Facebook (as of today 3/21/11 he has 958,331 friends! Watch out Charlie Sheen!).  Boo’s perfectly manicured mane, marshmallow legs and loving eyes makes you want to melt.  Every day I can’t wait to see what new photo will be posted of him.  Will Boo be sleepy?  Will he be playing?  Will he be in costume?  And not to mention he is quite the successful and philanthropic little business dog.  With sponsorships flying at him left and right and his charity endorsements, Boo doesn’t need an MBA!

Oh to live the life of Boo the Dog.


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